16 Interesting Facts about Human Brain

The human body is one of the most mysterious entities in itself. Whether we think about the highly organized network of blood vessels in our body or think about the blood-forming mechanism of the human body, every single organ or system holds a surprise for us. Our brain is no exception to this.

Why is the human brain important? 

The human brain is the part of our body forming the central nervous system that controls all our body functions. The complex body organ works even when we are sleeping and is responsible for all our work and thought processes. 

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Fascinating facts about the human brain

Despite the fact our brain performs all the thought processes, the organ remains the least thought about. Here are some of the interesting facts about the brain.  

1- Our brain is a high-maintenance organ and it is nearly 2% of our total body weight. However, the normal brain functions including thinking, deciding and information processing consumes 20% of our total body oxygen, food, and blood. 

2- A few weeks ago, I attended a webinar on brain health where a renowned neurologist in Islamabad was addressing the webinar. According to the doctor, our brain removes brain cell waste and removes toxins by flowing spinal fluid outside the brain blood vessel. This cleaning clears the buildup of harmful substances that are linked with the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. 

3- Your brain can relearn things under conditional circumstances. Once a scientist named Erismann experimented by creating goggles that flip his vision. After living with the flipped vision for a few days, his brain adapted to this new change resulting in normal vision.

4- The human brain consists of two symmetrical halves that are not identical. The two parts of the brain known as the right or left hemisphere are connected with the help of a nerve bundle.

5- Water is the major constituent of our brain making approximately 80% of our brain. Lack of water by only 2% can affect the normal functioning of our brain resulting in loss of attention, poor memory function, and compromised cognitive abilities.

6- The size of your brain gradually decreases as you age. Though the size of the brain isn’t related to intelligence and is only responsible for 10% variability of intelligence.

7- Physical activity can reverse the age-related decline in brain functions and slows down brain aging by 10 years. This Info revealed by a renowned physician from Taliyas Clinic in Islamabad. 

8- Your brain is a cross-wired organ. The left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and the right brain side can control the left side of your body. 

9- A person’s brain is as different as he is. Depending on past experiences and all the learning, a person’s brain is wired uniquely. Over time, this wiring grows, developing a brain that doesn’t resemble any other. 

10- Multitasking is impossible for your brain. Your brain can do many high-order tasks but can’t do many high-order tasks together. Multitasking is nothing but the quick switching between the high-order tasking. As your brain is unable to perform more than one task at once. 

11- Survival is the primary focus of your brain even if it gets bored. The non-dangerous stress can also put your brain into survival mode and it makes the decision considering it a fight and flight situation. 

12- Your brain never sleeps- at least completely. When you are getting rid of daytime stress your brain is working to get rid of toxins from the brain and regenerate the brain cells. 

13- Your brain plays a key role in your dreams. Dreams are nothing but a collective function of psychology and neurology. Your brain uses sensory information to create the scenarios. You are seeing and based on your thoughts and psychology, dreams appear. 

14- Your brain is mainly composed of fat (nearly 60%). When you make your body deprived of nutrients to lose weight by doing extreme diets, your brain starts eating itself. 

15- Your brain retains information efficiently when it’s in picture form. Nearly 65% of the information in the picture form is stored by your brain. 

16- Your brain is unable to feel pain. The feeling of pain is generated by the pain signals your brain receives and your brain itself can’t feel the pain.

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