10 Worthwhile Skills to Learn from Home On Your Summer Vacations

Summer is loved all over the world. It is the season that everyone is waiting for because summertime equates to breaks and vacations! It’s time for swimming and having fun under the sun. For some, it’s also the time to just comfortably stay and relax at home. 

Although summer vacations give students time to take a break from school tasks and although they allow most people to grab the golden chance to step out of their usual responsibilities, that does not mean everyone should just waste summertime. Right? Right. Aside from enjoying outdoors and going on trips, there are talents and pursuits that can be learned and enhanced best during summer vacations. Why? Because you have more extra time to allot for them. 

Check out these 10 worthwhile skills you can learn from home on your summer vacations. They are all fun and rewarding, so keep reading!


Some people can ride a horse and drive a car but not a bicycle. You may be one of them. 

Learn how to ride a bike with the help of a family member who knows how to. Use a bike that suits your height, so you can prevent too much difficulty while learning. Practice in a wide, safe backyard or in a vacant lot just near your home, where cars do not pass by. 

Summer vacations are ideal to learn riding bicycles since you may get wounded. You may acquire some scratches and bruises while trying to explore the twists and turns of riding a bicycle, but it is also part of learning it, so don’t be afraid. Just make sure to not go beyond simple booboos and to not get a bone broken as you learn. 


For some people, the kitchen is not a place they are meant to be because they do not know how to cook. Well, summer vacations offer a great opportunity for you to learn cooking and also baking! 

If you have someone at home who can teach and guide you how to cook and bake, ask them to patiently help you. You should be patient, too, because oftentimes, cooking a certain dish or baking a certain pastry needs to undergo a process different from other recipes. That means you have a lot of things to learn that require a lot of time as well! Good things, it’s summer!

As for baking, you will need to understand the variances among ingredients such as flour. They may look the same, but bread flour, cake flour, pizza flour, baker’s flour and all-purpose flour serve purposes different from each other.

What’s more, time, measurements and gut feeling are other important elements if you want to learn how to cook and to bake.


An artistic avenue of emotions and thoughts, hand lettering is a wonderful skill you can learn from home on your summer vacations. If you already have a talent in it, you can surely enhance it. If you don’t, then you can try and pursue it!

Although it can be challenging if you are not used to writing with creative styles, hand lettering is a nice way to bring out the artist in you. It is relaxing and stress-relieving. 

When you learn how to do hand lettering, you will love how you can decorate your own stuff and gift loved ones with personalized items and cards. Also, you can level up to digital hand lettering in the future if you know how to do it manually.


Is there a musical instrument you have been wanting to hold and play? Summer vacations are the time when musical instrument workshops are hosted and held. If you want to just learn from home, you may enroll in online classes and training too. 

On the other hand, you can do it yourself through searching online or through a musician friend’s help. Of course, you need an actual musical instrument to study and learn. You may borrow if you have not bought yours yet. Purchasing your own would be a heartwarming reward once you learn the fundamentals.

Serious skills in playing a musical instrument on summer vacations will give you an edge on your arts and music subjects when classes begin again. You also get to have a headstart for  your after-school career plans if the music industry is where you want to be. 


Knitting is not only for grannys. They are for anyone who just enjoys and loves this inventive craft. 

Knitting promotes hand movements that make every part of the hand active and cooperating. You get to exercise your brain and concentration while they coordinate with your fingers. This activity keeps your mind at ease although it may not be very easy. Yes, it takes a lot of time and effort to learn, and sometimes, it may make your hand hurt and numb, but knitting is a skill that you will be proud to have. Not everybody has it! 

After the summer vacation, if you learn and do this, you will have a bag of cool crochet items that will definitely make you smile! You can send them as presents for loved ones too!


Both for men and women, young and young-at-heart, flower arranging is a gratifying activity you can learn from home whoever you are. It’s a skill ideal for family bondings indoors. Just buy separate flowers, wrappers, ribbons and other accessories, then arrange and design them as you please. 

Flower arranging is a skill that allows you to de-stress and to focus on good things. It radiates a feeling of freedom and amps up happy vibes through the darling colors and fragrances of blooms.


Believe it or not, folding clothes is also a skill. Not everyone can do it correctly, especially when laziness strikes. Learn how to properly fold, organize and store garments without crumpling them. This is super productive, especially when you are just at home most of the time. You can lessen your closet clutter and hassles, and you can help your parents lessen household duties.


You may know how to use watercolor on paper, but how about paint on walls? 

When you have a room with a wall that needs revamping, learn wall painting! This isn’t just for men, okay? Even ladies can acquire this skill. It can be tiring, but it’s also fun! Don’t forget to ask help from other family members because coloring a long wall is not a piece of cake! 

Through this, you will grasp the differences among paint types and how paint becomes different when applied on walls. It may not seem very grand, but this information is also worth-keeping.


You do not need to be a medical worker to know how to apply first aid to yourself and to someone who needs it. You can just learn it whatever profession (or school level) you are in! 

Learn this skill from home with the help of a family member who knows how to. Alternatively, read books or search online; make sure you do from credible and legitimate sources. This skill will always be helpful in case of emergencies that need first aid care.   


Poem writing is a skill that benefits not just those who read the poetry but also (and most importantly) the poet. 

It improves brain functions and helps ease and unload emotional burdens through the art of words. Through poem writing, you can convey your thoughts and feelings. You can also inspire others. Your vocabulary widens, and you develop a talent in choosing the right words for the right situations. 

Summer vacations are among the best times to do this since you are not very busy. That means you can collect and process your thoughts clearly with more focus, so you can write poems well and better.



Spend your summer vacations wisely by aiming for growth on these refreshing days. You can go back to that passion you have left behind or discover a new hobby that will make you happy. Summer vacations indoors are not as boring some people think. They can actually be so delightful and memorable if you know how to spend them well!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for Mauri Baking Supplies Australia, a chief supplier of bakery ingredient solutions all over New Zealand and Australia. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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