10 Quick Tips About Chauffeur Insurance

In the UK, having chauffeur insurance is required by law, but it is also costly. Between October and December 2021, the average cost of an annual coverage of automobile insurance was £444, according to information accumulated by Moneysavingexpert.com.

What determines the Cost of chauffeur insurance?

The price of chauffeur insurance will depend on a variety of circumstances, as is the case with other insurance policies. They could consist of:

  • Generally speaking, the more coverage you purchase, regardless of the type and quality, the more it will cost.
  • Work that insurers judge to be a greater risk will cost extra to cover, regardless of the kind of work you do or where you do it.
  • Your driving experience, age, and claims history; premiums will normally be higher for drivers who pose a higher risk.

You can reduce the cost of your chauffeur insurance by using the ten money-saving recommendations we’ve provided in this post.

1. Compare prices

One of the simplest methods to save money is to shop around for your chauffeur insurance. Even though not all insurance providers, like Protect My Taxi, are included on comparison websites, using them makes this process simpler. To discover the best bargain, it is frequently preferable to compare quotes from several comparison websites and insurers. You may look up and compare quotes thanks to our collaboration with our taxi insurance brokers. Thanks to our collaboration with some of our known insurance providers, you can now find and compare quotes from more than 100 UK chauffeur insurance providers.

2. Pay each year

Always pay your premium annually if at all possible, because monthly premiums typically come with a credit charge that can significantly raise the rate. You can find more information about the more convenient methods of payment by simply getting in touch with Protect My Taxi’s team.

3. Drive defensively.

Your insurance coverage may cost more if you have accidents and license points because you are typically viewed as a bigger risk. This is particularly important for young drivers, whose insurance costs may significantly increase. Maintaining your no-claims record by avoiding insurance claims will also lower your chauffeur insurance cost. You can save on the cost of your automobile insurance by keeping a clean insurance record by not filing any complaints. You are more likely to save money with insurers the higher your no-claims bonus is.

4. Purchase a low-group-ranking automobile.

According to performance and repair costs, all cars are classified for insurance purposes; the higher the group, the more expensive the insurance will be. When buying a car, it is important to do your research to ensure that the insurance group is as inexpensive as feasible.

5. Protect your car

The locations of your vehicle’s overnight storage will be requested by all insurance carriers. Your chauffeur insurance premiums will probably be less expensive if you park your vehicle in a garage or on a safe driveway. Your chauffeur insurance policy’s premium may be decreased if you keep your vehicles in a safe garage or on a sidewalk. utiizing  Immobilizers and tracking devices are additional security measures that could reduce the cost of your chauffeur insurance.

6. Boost the surplus

You will be required to pay an excess under every insurance policy in the case of a claim. Most policies allow you to increase the excess, which should lower your premiums. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that the excess is the sum due in the event of a claim, so you must make sure that it is manageable.

7. Include one more identified driver

Your insurance cost may actually go down if you add a more experienced or older driver to the policy. This is so that the insurance company won’t infer that there are other drivers involved. The person who uses the automobile the most needs to be the primary driver of the chauffeur insurance policy; otherwise, you risk being accused of “fronting.” When a younger, less experienced driver is listed as the primary driver of a vehicle to lower the cost of the insurance premium, this practice is known as fronting. as “fronting.” Fronting is forbidden and may render the insurance policy void.

8. Think about telematics and pay-as-you-go insurance

You can purchase chauffeur insurance with telematics, which uses a GPS device installed in the vehicle to track drivers. The telematics device tracks your driving patterns or how frequently you drive, and as a result, it can lower the cost of your chauffeur insurance. Younger drivers are often the target of these regulations, which increase the cost of driving at risky times such as after dark.

9. Drive less

Reduce your number of miles driven. Generally, your chauffeur insurance will be more expensive the more miles you log. Additionally, by registering your vehicle as “social use only,” you could lower your premium if you don’t use it to get to and from work.

10. Reduce policy unnecessary extra coverage.It is possible to insure items that you do not need when purchasing chauffeur insurance. Watch out for extras like courtesy car covers and windshield covers. Taking this coverage out of your policy could lower your premium if you don’t need it. Taking the extras out of your insurance policy could benefit you if it’s something you don’t need and could result in a lower premium.

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