The 10 Most Scenic Running Routes In Mexico City

Mexico City is the largest city in North America. It has historic places, landmarks, and several museums but running in Mexico City can be a challenge for the people. The best places for running in Mexico are the parks which are large and consist of many areas for running.

There are also some spots which provide fresh air to you. While running in Mexico city we will face two problems: altitude and pollution. So try to run early in the morning or late at night then you will less suffer the traffic and pollution. So let’s know about the 10 Most scenic running routes in Mexico city.

1- Bouque de Aragon

Bouque de Aragon is an area around Mexico City’s airport. It has well-marked running routes from the airport to reach any place. There is a marvelous fountain at the center of the park and I don’t think anything to say about Marvel.

Its long routes help you to enhance your running and you can many shops and market also there to explore. You are interested to explore mexico the check the best offer on Frontier Airlines Official Site to reach this place. But this beautiful-looking running location couldn’t be easier for the people.

2- San Angel

San Angel is situated in the south of the city so you can choose this place first for your trip. If you want to wake up early in the morning then San Angle is recommended for you. The fresh breath in the morning will keep you fresh and heal your self. Plaza San Angel has a beautiful monastery ehre you can spend a good time and also explore that to spend a good time.

3- Historic Downtown

If you want to run around an urban location for your running routes then Historic Downtown is a good choice for your running. The grid format and sticky formulating root might be simple but hard to run. Here you can see many new and ancient things that will encourage your a lot to explore this place.

4- Coyoacán

It is the favorite running spot for the runners every year many people come this place. Its beautiful streets and open fire are the best schemes for casual jogging. It is a 1.4-mile loop that will be a good distance for a runner and for the new comers. That is very helpful for you to experience running with great views. So whenevery you visit this palace then you should explore this place in early morning.

5- Cuemanco

Canal Cuemanco is a running route for those people who want to experience running with great views and historic views too. It has a paved track that goes to the canal. It was also the venue for Mexico City’s Olympics which was held in 1968.

6- Nevado de Toluca

If you want to experience the valley running then Nevado de Toluca is a good choice. While running it will add altitude that will experience you high running. The jaw-dropping you will enhance your running and you will feel fresh.

7- Bosque de Tlalpan

It is situated in the Metropolitan area of Mexico. It has several running tracks. In fact, it has five running tracks. You can choose the track which suits you. But the most recommended track is track 4. It is a 4-kilometer long route.  It is an excellent running spot and it closes at 5 p.m. daily.

8- Parque Alameda

It is situated in the middle of Mexico City. Parque Alameda is a beautiful urban park. It has criss-cross paths which make it a jogging spot. If you want to enhance your running you can go to this Park. It is good for the runners.

9- Bosque de Chapultepec

It is a sprawling park that holds many running routes. Bosque de Chapultepec is situated at the center of the park. It is the largest park in the Western hemisphere and is an open space park. It is an impressive park for runners who want to experience the beauty of nature while running.

10- Los Dynamos

It is one of the most popular getaways to visit in Mexico so please add this place in your bucket list. This is an ecological Park that will given you a nice picin place so you can enjoy with your family and friends.

 It is situated in the southeast of the city so you can reach this palace by booking Southwest Airlines Reservations inyour budget. If you like trail running then Los Dynamos is a good place for you. Its wide-open forest offers you several roots and you can take the path which suits you.


Looking for a trip to explore your vacation then check this amazing trip of the 10 most scenic running routes in Mexico City. This is really a nice place to explore the different things and enjoy a lot in this place. You can check out the list of important places of this destination where you can enjoy a lot. Add all the given places in your bucket list so you can enjoy a lot.

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