10 Easy Tips To Increase Your Bike Mileage

In India, riding a bike is the most widespread mode of transportation. It is due to the motorcycle’s high fuel efficiency, ease of use in traffic, and ability to travel through cities’ narrow streets.

However, with the increase in petrol prices, riders often wonder how to increase their bike’s mileage.

Here are ten easy tips to increase the bike’s mileage and reduce fuel costs.

What are the most effective tips to improve bike mileage?

1. Regular servicing

Riders must get their bikes serviced regularly to maintain them in good shape. A bike’s engine or other prime elements might have problems that can be quickly fixed with timely service.

Thus, this will ensure that the bike gets more mileage.

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2. Fix tire pressure

Riders must ride bikes with the tyres at the recommended pressure. Deflated or poorly filled tyres increase fuel consumption, thus reducing the mileage.

3. Carburettor settings

Bike riders must get the carburettor settings on their bike evaluated if they believe that the mileage has not increased despite frequent maintenance.

Re-tuning the carburettor makes a significant contribution to improving engine performance. As a result, the bike’s mileage rises as well.

4. Use good-quality fuel

Ascertain that the fuel in the bike is of high quality. In addition to improving the engine’s performance, this guarantees that it stays in good shape.

5. Ride smoothly

Avoiding reckless driving and maintaining a constant speed are two fundamental ways to enhance the mileage of the bike. By keeping the pace steady, the bike’s mileage can be increased.

6. Ride in economy

Adhering to the given speed restrictions when driving within city limits is crucial. It is beneficial for preserving the mileage of one’s bike and for their and other people’s safety.

7. Regular cleaning and lubricating

The mileage improves by maintaining the bike in good condition. To guarantee that driving the bike ahead requires the least energy, pay close attention to reducing sand and dust formation while lubricating the chain.

8. Avoid sudden acceleration and heavy braking

Sudden acceleration and heavy braking can consume more fuel, thus reducing the mileage. Therefore, ride bikes in areas where constant brakes are not applied.

9. Avoid sunlight parking

Never leave the bike parked in the sun’s direct rays since this causes fuel to vaporise, which lowers mileage.

10. Do not replace old parts

Consider maintaining the older components attached to the bike’s engine rather than replacing them. The engine performance is considered when original bike parts are created, so servicing or mending is a better mileage-intensive strategy.

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